What is Fabric Heat Shrink Sleeve Jun 10, 2022

Fabric Heat Shrink Sleeve is a abrasion resistant sleeve and made by polyester multifilament and special modified polyolefine filament, this takes the two best qualities to create a product that will keeping cable bundles tight, protect cables from abrasion, help suppress noise from hoses and pipes, ability to install over irregular shapes leaving empty space, and the list goes on.

The shrink ratio of Fabric Heat Shrink Sleeve is 2:1, the special woven construction makes it very flexible, it can be easily cover on the hoses with irregular shapes. It is suitable for used in rough environments, providing excellent abrasion resistance and noise reduction.It is widely used to protect the automotive rubber hoses, aircondition pipes, wire harnesses for anti abrasion, noisy reduction and fuel resistance.

Material Polyolefin and polyester
Working temperature - 40℃- + 125℃
Shrink temperature 110℃~185℃
Flammability FMVSS302
Color black
Shrink ratio 2:1
Tool Heat gun, oven
Fabric Heat Shrink Sleeve

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